Advanced Care with WaterLase® Technology

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Here at Dacula Family Dentistry, we strive to provide the latest technology to give the dental care and treatment you deserve. One of the latest patented technological systems we use is WaterLase® dentistry. This provides a more precise and pain-free treatment to treat your smile as well as cut down time in a safe and effective way.

WaterLase® technology uses the precision power of air, water, and laser energy instead of drills or applying shots. This laser equipment provides faster treatment time, decreased risks for infection, and minimize bleeding. It treats many different problems including surgical gum treatments, crown lengthening, root canal therapy, dental implant recovery, hard or soft tissue procedures, tooth decay removal, and/or enamel etching.

Since our teeth are partially composed of water, the water laser technology stimulates these water molecules when cutting through. This also hydrates the tooth while providing precision treatment, allowing no need for an anesthetic or a long recovery time.

Using WaterLase® gives you the most advanced dental technology while giving you a comfortable and safe experience. Dr. Carey Norton and our dental professionals want to give you the best possible experience and comfortability with the latest technology. Call us today at 678-268-6249 today for an appointment or a consultation here at our office in Dacula, Georgia.