A Cracked Tooth Often Needs Professional Treatment

If you have a bad habit of chewing on medications or biting down on ice and hard candies, you could be at increased risk of suffering a fractured tooth. In some of these instances the force applied tooth can cause a crack in its enamel layer. A problem like this... Read more »

Picking the Right Toothbrush

When you are buying a car, or a house, you take your time, right? If you are picking out produce, you don’t just grab the first apple, tomato or onion you see, do you? It stands to reason that you should take a little time when picking out a new... Read more »

Dental Health Dilemmas: Diabetes

Diabetes is the current health scare of the nation. It affects over 29 million people in the U.S. and there are 89 million more that have prediabetes—which means, they have all the telltale symptoms that make it likely they will end up with the dreaded disease soon enough. There are... Read more »

Learning More: Your Diet and Your Smile

When you think about oral healthcare, not only should you be make sure that you are using safe and effective products for your daily cleaning routines, you also need to make sure that you are maintaining a balanced diet and limiting the amount of unhealthy foods that you consume. You... Read more »

Can Your Cavity Use a Composite Filling?

Every type of tooth in your mouth has a different job to do. Your back teeth are used for crushing and grinding your food to make it easier to swallow and digest. Because of that, they are designed to stand up to a great deal of pressure. On the other... Read more »

Over-the-Counter Whitening Warnings

Are you interested in whitening your smile with an over-the-counter whitening treatment? If so, our dentist, Dr. Carey Norton, would like to warn you about some side effects so you know all about the possible outcomes of treatment. Although over-the-counter whitening can be successful, there is a chance you can... Read more »

My Child Has a Habit of Thumb Sucking; What Can I Do?

Many children develops tendencies of sucking on their thumbs, but a prolonged habit may affect the development and natural alignment of their teeth. If your child’s thumb sucking is a concern, our dentist can work with you and your child to permanently break the habit. The risks of thumb sucking... Read more »

Early Treatment of Cavities May Prevent Further Damage

Ideally, your routine dental checkups, which are performed by a dentist like Dr. Carey Norton, will detect dental caries, cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal health problems before they can worsen; however, if you struggle to thoroughly floss your teeth each morning and night, or you often forget to floss, the... Read more »

Gingivitis Symptoms Need Treatment

The American Dental Association advocates a consistent daily oral hygiene routine founded on brushing your teeth twice each day and remember to thoroughly floss between your teeth and along the gumline at least once. This daily oral hygiene routine is intended to remove the bulk of food particles, plaque, and... Read more »

Am I Covered for Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants can do wonders for guarding your molars from cavities. Many people get dental sealants and really enjoy them, and yet many others do not. One of the reasons that many people don’t consider getting oral sealants is because they think their insurance won’t cover them. Will your insurance... Read more »