Am I Covered for Dental Sealants?

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Dental sealants can do wonders for guarding your molars from cavities. Many people get dental sealants and really enjoy them, and yet many others do not. One of the reasons that many people don’t consider getting oral sealants is because they think their insurance won’t cover them. Will your insurance reimburse the cost of oral sealants? Keep reading to find out.

While we can’t say for sure that all insurance companies reimburse the application of oral sealants, it’s been our experience that many do! Insurance companies want their customers to be healthy, and dental sealants are very powerful tools for improving dental health in the molars. The best method to find out for sure whether your insurance company covers the cost of oral sealant application is to call them. We’re very used to talking with insurance companies, so if you need any help, please feel free to ask us. It never hurts to ask, but your chompers may suffer if you don’t ask! There’s lots of good to be done for your pearly whites with oral sealants to let the opportunity to go to waste because you didn’t find out whether your insurance company covered the application costs.

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