Dental Health Dilemmas: Diabetes

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Diabetes is the current health scare of the nation. It affects over 29 million people in the U.S. and there are 89 million more that have prediabetes—which means, they have all the telltale symptoms that make it likely they will end up with the dreaded disease soon enough.

There are few health problems that so negatively affect your dental health as much as diabetes. The dastardly dilemma is exacerbated by the combination of immune deficiency and high blood sugar. These two negatives, both hallmarks of diabetes, are also deadly allies to gum disease—advancing the very real potential of tooth loss. Sugar feeds bacteria in the mouth, and when bacteria flourishes, infection develops. Without a strong immune system to fight it, infection grows and pockets develop between the tooth and gums. Soon, the bone and tissues that anchor the teeth are destroyed.

Avoid this sad circumstance, by watching out for warning signs. Do your gums bleed frequently? Have they become red and inflamed? Do your teeth look longer because of receding gumlines? If any of these symptoms are showing, and you are a diabetic, come see us immediately for evaluation.

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