Early Treatment of Cavities May Prevent Further Damage

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Ideally, your routine dental checkups, which are performed by a dentist like Dr. Carey Norton, will detect dental caries, cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal health problems before they can worsen; however, if you struggle to thoroughly floss your teeth each morning and night, or you often forget to floss, the poor oral hygiene condition in your mouth could cause a cavity to afflict one of your teeth before your next dental checkup.

If you have noticed sensitivity or any other abnormality with one of your teeth, you shouldn’t wait for your next dental checkup to have it examined. If the area of tooth decay us caught when it’s small, Dr. Carey Norton and her staff might be able to repair the small area of tooth decay with an amalgam or composite resin dental filling.

Receiving a dental fillings begins by sufficiently numbing the tooth and underlying gums. Next, the decayed tooth enamel will be removed from the area. This will also involve preparing the surface to bond to the eventual dental filling.

The tooth’s visibility in your smile and its primary function in your mouth will largely influence the material that Dr. Carey Norton selects for your dental filling. Metallic amalgam can be slightly dark in color, which indicates that it will be used to treat a cavity that won’t be noticed when you smile.

Composite resin is made from a special type of dental grade plastic. This substance can be shaded to match your tooth enamel, giving your filling a natural appearance. This is the preferred choice for a dental filling that will appear in your smile.

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