Over-the-Counter Whitening Warnings

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Are you interested in whitening your smile with an over-the-counter whitening treatment? If so, our dentist, Dr. Carey Norton, would like to warn you about some side effects so you know all about the possible outcomes of treatment. Although over-the-counter whitening can be successful, there is a chance you can experience the following things:

-Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity occurs because the strong ingredients in whitening treatments, like hydrogen peroxide, can affect the tooth enamel. This can open the channels in the teeth that lead to the tooth nerves. This makes the teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This side effect typically lasts the duration of the treatment being used.

-Gum irritations: If you use a treatment improperly or if you keep the whitening solution on the smile for too long, the gums can be severely irritated. This can make them pull away from the teeth, which can expose the roots. This can also add to the tooth sensitivity and it can cause a more unattractive smile. Once the gums recede, they usually stay receded for life until you get them treated.

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