Successful Smiles Feature Oral Cancer Screenings

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Have you had your old cancer screening yet this year? Regardless of age, race, or gender, oral cancer affects us all. Oftentimes, the greatest chance of a successful recovery relies on finding the disease in time. If you have not had your oral cancer screening yet, please come in for a visit.

There are numerous symptoms that arrived that can indicate the presence of oral cancer. Many of the symptoms are physical in nature and present themselves as damage to your head, face, mouth, and neck area. Typical signs to look for include bruises, cuts, crusts, rashes, strange markings, patchy blotches, and other irregularities and abnormalities with your facial area.

Additional signs and symptoms can arise in sensations with your mouth. If you are having difficulties breathing or are constantly afflicted with the sensation of a sore throat, oral cancer may be present. Furthermore, oral cancer often arises as a strange feeling such as a lump in your back of your throat, or accompanied by unexplained weight loss. If there’s anything abnormal or irregular about your mouth, visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening.

If you would like to have your mouth inspected for oral cancer by our team at Dacula Family Dentistry, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Carey Norton and our team at our dentist office in Dacula, Georgia. To schedule a visit, please call us at 678-268-6249. Set the stage for the oral health care you desire.